AWS Solutions Architect & Laravel/VueJS developer

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Not sure where to start?

If you are building a new web platform or a mobile application with complex data needs, you know that there are many things that can go wrong:

  • Not keeping on track to meet project deadlines means harming your reputation as an agency and lowering your chances to sign your client on a retainer or negotiate higher fees
  • Delays and increasingly tense back and forth with your team can lower morale and your chances at motivating and keeping your senior developers
  • Finally, even with good relationship management and negotiation skills, weeks of delay will cost you your project profit

Imagine getting it right on the first time

Imagine having your project under complete control. Imagine having all technical unknowns being sorted out early in the project and none of them surfacing at the last minute for you to deal with.
Imagine having the time and the first class technical backing to exceed your client's expectations and ensure a long term profitable relationship.

    Hire a Senior Lead Developer specialising in Web Platforms

    This is where you can involve me. You can have me architect and lead the development of your web platform, knowing that I've done this many times before, at scale, and in the most competitive hubs in the world.

    By supporting your project manager with upfront technical expertise - before producing the first line of code - you will help her/him:

    • Have the designs revised as early as possible in the project life cycle
    • Establish a precise Roadmap of Agile Sprints, based on how/who to distribute the workload to and in which order, so to minimise the risk of the project

    • Estimate with as much accuracy as possible the time needed for each Sprint
    • Architect the web platform the proper way, at the earliest possible time
    • Deploy, Migrate or Scale your platform on Amazon Web Services

    I specialise in developing Web Platforms and APIs for iOS/Android applications, designing large scale databases for best performance and deploying them in a public cloud using state-of-the-art methodologies.
    The technology stack I master is: PHP Laravel, VueJS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS EC2, ECS, Lambda, SQS, SNS, S3, RDS ...), Microsoft Azure. I also am a Certified AWS Solutions Architect.

    My experience shows a track record of leading the development of complex web applications and mobile apps for funded startups and digital agencies in France, the US and London UK, in very fast and Agile teams of coders.
    I've scaled databases to hundreds of millions of rows and helped applications to handle the load of hundreds of thousands of users. I've been doing this for 10 years.


    “Think of Lionel as your CTO and development team all in one!”
    — Claude Schneider - Founder of SmarterQueue

    My strategy

    I want to help you deliver bigger web projects and ultimately to run a more powerful and profitable business, by helping your project manager organise the clearest Roadmap and the most efficient sprints. I will also act as a lead developer and code the most critical parts of your projects. 

    No-Scale-No-Fee Guarantee

    My work is guaranteed. If one week into our engagement, you think that my work has not provided crystal-clear development planningstate-of-the-art technical research and timely implementation, I will refund you 100% of my fee.

    I'm Lionel Martin, a Senior Web Platform Developer who helps design agencies build and deliver ambitious web platforms.

    I want to help you manage the inherent risk of starting a large project by providing you with an actionable roadmap, working closely with your project manager and leading your developers.

    I have been doing this for 10 years.

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